Bucket List

I’m just a stereotypical millennial who started a bucket list when she was 14 after watching the movie "A Walk to Remember". 

  1. Sky Dive(2008)
  2. Surf(2010)
  3. See the northern lights
  4. Be on T.V.
  5. Go Blonde
  6. Swim with Dolphins
  7. Ride a gondola in Venice(2011)
  8. Be in a giant food fight
  9. Graduate University(2011)
  10. Get Driver's Licence(2011)
  11. Crowd Surf
  12. Backpack Europe(2011)
  13. Learn how to Cartwheel
  14. Stand on the Equator
  15. Get Published
  16. Ride an Elephant
  17. Go Parasailing(2007)
  18. Ride a donkey in Greece(2011)
  19. Tip a cow
  20. Go to a drive-in movie theater(2010)
  21. Walk the Great wall of China
  22. Ride a Double Decker Bus in London(2011)
  23. Attend an Olympic event
  24. Get a tattoo(2017)
  25. Go on an Africain Safari(2013)
  26. Mush a dog sled
  27. Go white-water rafting(2011) 
  28. Be in a Musical 
  29. Celebrate Hali in India
  30. Run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain
  31. Drive a Go Kart(2010)
  32. Fight someone in a sumo wrestling suit
  33. Crash a wedding
  34. Discover something new
  35. Ride a mechanical bull(2010)
  36. Go skinny dipping
  37. Ride a cable car in San Francisco 
  38. Fly a plane(2010)
  39. Sleep in an igloo 
  40. Meet Josh Groban
  41. Have theme music follow me for a day. Like in a movie.
  42. Ride a scooter in Greece(2011)
  43. Go Sea Kayaking(2009)
  44. Marry the love of my life(2016)
  45. Adopt a child from a third world country
  46. Volunteer in Africa(2013)
  47. Ride a tandem bike(2010) 
  48. Climb Matchu Petchu, Peru
  49. Line dance in a country club(2010)
  50. Visit my sponsor child
  51. Learn to snowboard(2010)
  52. Become fluent in French & Spanish (Work in progress)
  53. Skate around the giant Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, NYC
  54. Feed a Giraffe(2013)
  55. Ride a Camel
  56. Kiss on top the Eiffel Tower
  57. Go roller disco skating 
  58. Play lazer tag(2010)
  59. Scumba Dive in the great barrier reef
  60. Sleep in a capsule hotel in Japan
  61. Learn how to sail
  62. Ride a Segway
  63. Attend Loy Krathong, the sky lantern festival in Thailand
  64. Make a clay pot(2016)
  65. Finish a corn maze(2012)
  66. Solve a Rubik’s Cube
  67. Eat chocolate in Belgium 
  68. Go Zorbing in New Zealand(2008)
  69. Go Hand Gliding
  70. Do Yoga on the beach(2012)
  71. Ride in a hot air balloon in Capacedocia, Turkey 
  72. Ride a horse bareback
  73. Hike through the Swiss Alps
  74. See the Colosseum, Rome, Italy
  75. Drive a golf cart
  76. Visit every province/territory in Canada (Work in Progress) 
  77. Sleep under the stars in the dump of a truck
  78. Kiss a guy with a big scruffy beard
  79. Go to an airport and buy tickets for a random flight
  80. Go bungee jumping (2010)
  81. Go zip lining (2012)
  82. Float around the dead sea
  83. Go ice fishing
  84. Go on an overnight canoeing trip(2012)
  85. Make someone else's dream come true 
  86. Ride on the roof of a train in Equador
  87. Climb a glacier(2008)
  88. Live in a foreign country that speaks another language for at least 1 year
  89. Ride in a helicopter
  90. Dance with an African Tribe
  91. Set foot on all 7 continents (North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Australia
  92. Throw Tomatoes at La Tomatina in in Bunol, Spain
  93. Learn to ballroom dance 
  94. Go seadooing 
  95. Watch the Sunset from Oia, Santorini(2011)
  96. Visit Israel
  97. See the Great Pyramids
  98. Dance in a Hawaiian Luau 
  99. Hike the Rocky Mountains
  100. Go tree camping on the Pacific Coast, Elk, California
  101. Attend a Cirque du Soleil Show(2012)
  102. Learn to use chopsticks
  103. Visit the Easter Island Moíai
  104. Witness a divine miracle
  105. Go to a murder mystery dinner theater
  106. Go to a shooting range(2010)
  107. Watch baby sea turtles hatch
  108. Tie a cherry stem with my tongue(2013)
  109. Start a non-profit organization or make a significant contribution to an existing organization
  110. Ride all of the roller coasters at Ceder Point
  111. Attend a Broadway musical
  112. Go snowmobiling(2015)
  113. Visit the Grand Canyon
  114. Visit Mount Rushmore
  115. Jump out of a stripper cake
  116. Be Someone's Mentor
  117. Write something in wet cement
  118. Stomp grapes to make wine
  119. Visit the Lung ta prayer flags, Nepal
  120. Visit Saint Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, Russia
  121. Go water skiing 
  122. Do yoga on a paddle board 
  123. See the penguins in Antarctica 
  124. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Ratchaburi, Thailand
  125. Send a singing telegram 
  126. Pet a lion cub
  127. Visit the Amazon rainforest 
  128. Be in a parade
  129. Release 100 balloons at once
  130. Go to a foam party
  131. Explore Maui